A printer is neither a Mechanical engineer nor has he experience in Corrosion Fundamentals or the knowledge in applied technology; he is not a design engineer, with process and Metallurgy experience. Printers need to focus on Printing and not repairing their offset printing machines; their downtime can cost money and customers.

PanPac is also a rebuilder and supplier of used offset printing machines and post-press graphic arts equipment. Offset machines have a solid mechanical structure, Torsion instability in the line shafts and gear backlash causes registration to drift and introduces print artifact, especially during unstable conditions like acceleration or deceleration, rebuilding its mechanical hardware, such as ball screws, Bushes, Grippers, Paper path and ink flow can make it run like a new machine.

Refurbishing used printing equipment is not just cleaning, repainting or giving a little sheen to the used machine. A refurbished machine goes through an extensive process, starting with our team of experts drawing up a plan for each machine. Specifications change with the arrival of new technology and clients custom requirements.

Three Main Stages

Dismantling & Cleaning

Subject to the customer's requirements, equipment is partially or fully dismantled, for component access and cleaning. It then moves to a custom designed cleaning room, where the parts are subject to high pressure solvents, Dry ice, soda cleaners, or rotary steam and caustic cleaners as appropriate. All processes have been specifically designed for Graphic Art equipment. Each machine is fully disassembled to the bare frame, cleaned, painted and rebuilt before it leaves the factory. Every cylinder is checked and the gears are completely removed, refurbished and repainted to work and look like new.

Reconditioning & Rebuilding

After cleaning, our engineers and technicians proceed with the repair and refinishing process, using a fully equipped machine shop. Steel parts that may rust or discolor are anodized, and our spray painting department repaints the machinery to look as new, even taking that extra step of matching colors and types of paint, and importing special types if necessary.