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MAN Roland Lithoman (1987)

1987 Man Roland Lithoman Cutoff / Cylinder Range 45.5" (22.75 / 578 mm double)
Press Cylinde Width r 56"
Four Man Roland Lithoman print units
Reel Mfg. Butler
Max Roll Dia. 50"
Infeed Brand MAN
Tec Ovens dryer
Blanket Wash ESA Baldwin Impact - Cloth
Web Guide Infeed MAN
Web Guide Slitter WPC
Angle Bar / Ribbon Control WPC
Slitter Cutoff Control WPC
Remote Ink Keys Yes
Max Rated Speed 25000
Auto Register Cont. WPC
Closed Loop Color GMI
Primary Folder Combo
Auxiliary Folder / Finishing Equip 1/2 folder
Afterburner/Oxidizor / Model # / Serial # RTO-95/2446-25.0

• The print units, folder and dryers are oversize and overweight and they will have to be sent to the Norfolk port on trucks with permits. The units will be removed from trucks and loaded on flat racks at the Norfolk port. After NCB Inspection the units will be rust proofed and shrink-wrapping. Please see the attachment.
• Logistics coordination is very critical

MakeMAN Roland
TypeWeb Press

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