Sheetfed Press: 8 Color

Mitsubishi 3 G 8 TC ED UV (1997)

1997 Mitsubishi 3 G 8 28" x 40" Eight color with coater- 15,000 IPH, Comrac Console, Plate cocking, Plate Positioning, H Type Dampening, Automatic Paper Preset System, Automatic Printing Pressure Preset, Chrome Cylinders, MHI Multimode with Delta Dampener System, Powder Sprayer and Graphics IR dryer, Circulators, 305 Mil Impression (460 mil revs), Graphics UV 8 lamps – 5 interdecks and three end of the press. Serial No. 3 G 1238 All manuals.

Model3 G 8 TC ED UV
TypeSheetfed Press
Category8 Color

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